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The Group believes that people make the ultimate difference in success of business. People¡¯s development is the focus of the Group¡¯s human resource management approaches.

The Group uses Balanced Score Card (¡°BSC¡±) to set up KPIs and targets at corporate level and break them down to each function. The Group ensures that the KPIs and targets in the BSC are well understood and agreed by the function managers who are responsible for specific items. BSC has been the Group¡¯s most useful and effective performance management tool since 2005.

The Group encourages an open, healthy, vigilant and creative corporate culture. Four core values ¨C Innovation, Engagement, Responsibility and Appreciation guide Trayton people¡¯s thinking and behavior. In addition, multiple communication channels have been set up for more transparent and accurate information revealing an efficient communication between first level employees and supervisors as well as the top management, such as Open Day, Workshop Communication Committee, Employee Representative Committee etc..

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